37 Odd And Unique Ways To Make Extra Money

If there’s one thing people want to know the answer to, it’s how to make extra money.

There are SO many answers to “How can YOU make extra money?”.

This is why we asked around and simplified the huge list of ways to keep your pockets full.

So stop stressing out about your current lack of cash flow, and use these tips for some extra ‘bank’.

37 Ways to Make Extra Money - Infographic

Do AirBnB

Get on AirBnB, host a room and call it a day.

Get On Craigslist

Start by looking on Craigslist to get a good idea of what you can do.

Find a Better Job

There’s always hope in finding a better gig. Just remain on the lookout without giving up, and destiny will align.

Sell Handcrafted Goods On Esty

Esty is pretty much the eBay for people who do crafts. Got good ideas for art or artistry?


You might not be a musician, but you’d stop at how willing people are to give for the sake of giving.

Get Into Article Writing

There are a few sites that allow you to send in articles and will pay you up to $50 each.

Silver and Gold Sales

If you have any luxury watches, gold or silver bracelets, now is the time to trade them in.

Search for Loose Change

Have you ever found twenty dollars in a coat jacket that you didn’t know was there?

Asking For A Raise or Promotion

Just do it. That’s how the saying goes. Don’t hesitate or talk yourself out of it.

Return Recent Items

There are recent purchases that you’ve made. You can start by returning at least half of them!

Walk More and Take The Bus

If you’re in a large city, taxis can be an alluring proposition. Cut back and start walking or taking the bus more.

Stock Groceries

Late night stocking groceries gives you a side job where you don’t have to deal with people.


This is a simple way to make some extra cash. Call up family or friends.

Sell Junk You Have

Yes you do have junk. These are things you’ve done nothing with for months or years.

Hold Off on the Marriage

If engagement is underway, consider delaying the wedding date. Don’t put too much strain on yourself if not necessary.

Loaning Out a Parking Spot

Some of you have a parking spot outside or inside. Either option can also rent out at a discount to save you cash.


The turnover rate for bartenders is more outstanding then you’re led to believe. Look in more than one location.


You can freelance any skill that exists. The trick is that you continue to seek out new clients.

Collect Plastics and Glasses

People litter way too much these days. You can profit from it. You don’t have to pick up trash. You can begin by depositing your own plastics and glass.

Start a Better Savings

Savings is a challenge for most Americans. Don’t worry that you could be doing a better job. Start today.

Donate Blood

For the right person, donating blood can earn up to $400 of extra cash. And this is for little time involved.

Start Dating

If you’re single, now is the time to bunk up with someone. This WILL make the monthly expenses go down.

Dog Walking

Walking dogs in the neighborhood is a simple and easy occupation. Just begin promoting the service immediately.

Yard Work

You can do yard work or handy work of any kind to make extra money.

Car Washing

Holding signs up on street corners for a car wash can be effective for landing work. Make it fast and get the next person done. You’ll make money this way.

Get Into the Stock Market

First you have to learn about the stock market. There are many retirees making a few hundred dollars a day and on the side.

Play the Lotto

Sure, it’s a gamble. But. …scratch-offs get consistent winners. Invest little to win big.


If you drive your own car, stop wasting money on gas and let someone else pay for it. Even if you just break even, money stops coming out of your pocket.


The best part of temp work is that you don’t have to look for it. Sign up and wait for the offers.

Become a Server

This is easy money for evening work. You’ll make enough to start a decent savings if you already have a job.

Junk Your Metal

Metal is everywhere and used for everything. Every piece you find has a price at the junk yard. Collect and sell it.

Pawning Stuff

Pawn shops are still good for lending out cash. But you don’t want to do that. Just sell them things you no longer want.


Consider what you know best about and activate a website for it.

Go Back to School

Yes, you can always go back to school and improve your credentials. Make money from it in the long run.

Be An Extra

Are there any movies filming in your area? Movies always need extras. And they pay them too!

Test Websites/Apps

That’s right! You can test new websites and apps for some extra cash.

Model For Classes

If you’re comfortable getting naked in front of strangers, then this might be an option for you. Some of these art classes pay up to $15 an hour for models.