7 Ways to Score Great Deals on Hotels

Do you think fancy hotels are out of your budget? You might be surprised how many incredible hotels are much cheaper than you thought! Whether you are looking for a cheap deal for a few days, or trying to splurge on one night of luxury, here are 7 ways to score great deals on hotels.

Take advantage of special programs or membership programs

It’s surprising how many special benefits you can get from programs with senior or military discounts. Many hotels have programs which help educators or those who served in the military. Make sure to ask about benefits for AAA and AARP members. You may be able to get a significant amount off of your booking. Surprisingly, you can also get discounts for working for a nonprofit or government organization.

Sometimes, procrastination is key

It’s not always the case that booking early will save you money. There are quite a few super useful apps like Hotel Tonight or Booking.com Tonight. You can save 70-75% off of regular rates, but you have to be ok with waiting until the last minute to figure out where you will be staying. But if you’re comfortable taking a walk on the wild side, you can win big time. These apps have a huge level of popularity, so they have plenty of different hotels at different price levels and locations to choose from.

Timing is Key

Plan the timing of your trip to when hotels are cheapest!

Not only will you save on accommodations, but you will also save a lot on airfare by traveling during non peak times. 

Sometimes, depending on the city, travel can be cheaper on the weekends than on the weekdays. This is if you are in a business city where conferences occur during the workweek.

Location, Location, Location.

If you are planning a fun trip to another country, consider going somewhere where the average cost of lodging is relatively small. Think about places like New Zealand, Vietnam, or India. These places often have low prices because they have relatively fewer visitors. You can also try to have a more authentic experience without being swarmed you go by tourists everywhere.

Take Advantage of Rewards Points for Travel on Your Credit Card

If you are a frequent traveler, consider applying for a credit card which will grant you extra rewards points for travel. These cards will give you extra points when you use them on hotels and airfare. If you earn enough points, you may even qualify for totally free hotel stays or flights.

Go for a unique travel experience

Sometimes, it can be cheaper to rent an apartment or house instead of a hotel. This is especially true if you’re traveling in a large group. This can give you the fun advantage of having space to have social events, cook for yourself, or have a special romantic evening.

Trying sites like airbnb.com can help you find places to stay with locals, which means you will have someone who knows about the area to give you tips, not just visiting with other tourists.

Did you know you can actually negotiate your room rates?
  • Present your budget, and make it clear that you don’t have funds, hotels might give you the lower rate you ask for if they have extra rooms they need to fill.
  • If you don’t bring your baggage into the hotel, you give off the impression that you are still on the lookout and ready to move on if you don’t get the price you want. If you lug all your bags into the lobby, it seems like you are committed to stay or desperate, so your haggling power is lower.
  • Sometimes you can get out of fees like cleaning if you offer to clean it yourself. You can also ask to leave out extra services for a lower fee.

When it comes down to it, hotels are one of the things that we perceive to have set prices, but it is not always the case. Always assume there is a discount you are missing, or a way to save money, so you will always be on the lookout for more ways to save.  

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