Budgeting: The Definitive Guide

The Definitive Guide to Budgeting

Sounds a little haughty of me to say that I’ve just written the end-all-be-all to creating and sticking to a budget, doesn’t it? Yea, it really does sound a little bit much. But, frankly, that’s what I want it to be for you: THE place to come to learn everything that there is to know about budgeting.

Still it kinda makes me picture myself with a big head, so I’ll just try to eat some humble pie by saying that I didn’t write everything in this guide. I will take credit for putting it together, but a lot of the pieces have been written by much more talented writers and designers than me. All of the links to their websites will remain here.

Another note about this Budgeting Resource: it is ALIVE! Muhahaha!

No seriously, I will continue to update it as I find cool new things that are very helpful in addition to continue editing and fine tuning to truly make it the most helpful resource when it comes to setting a budget.

Video about Budgeting

Slideshare Slideshow about Budgeting

Infographic about Budgeting

OnlineCollege.org created this graphic.

New Grad’s Guide to Personal Finance


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