Cheap & Easy Ways To Increase Your Home’s Value

Whether you are preparing to put your property on the market, or only wish to reboot the general appeal of your biggest asset – refurbishing your home in the following fashion is a quick and easy way to add considerably to the valuation of your home.

All of the methods that are suggested below involve a relatively small financial outlay. 

It is important to take into consideration that very little disruption to your family life will occur while implementing these quick fixes. 

No matter how desirable adding an extension to the family home may seem, the attending noise and discomfort from the building works must always be taken into account.

The prices for the following suggestions will vary according to the outlet where services are sought. 

One helpful hint increasing in popularity is to source from second-hand shops. 

Never be afraid to seek out fixtures from more obscure places like scrap metal stores and junk shops. 

Please be aware that antique and vintage retail often costs more than the actual new and modern – so always buy shrewdly. 

Other important heads up in the competitive property market is never over to invest. 

Below is a chart with the current house prices in the U.S.A.  


With this in mind, feel free to dip into the expert information that has been gleaned from some of the brightest minds in the realty market in the country today.

1. Make the kitchen look hot

If the kitchen in your house is any of the following, you will struggle to sell:

  • Smelly
  • Dingy
  • Out of style
  • Dilapidated

The kitchen is a prime family domain, and if it shrieks “neglect” in any form, this will affect the buyer’s mindset in a negative way. 

So enter your kitchen with the above points in mind and seek to eliminate any transgressors.

There is tidy, and then there is clean and hygienic. 

Give the heart of the home a solid foundation cleaning. 

Updates like modern pasta pot filler faucets and energy efficient light fixtures can replace any rusty, dusty eyesores. 

This is an area when you could save even more money by sourcing accessories from junk shops. 

A favorite kitchen fixture bargain find is failed restaurant auctions, and hotel revamps scraps.

Keep your eyes peeled for these when reading your local media postings.

If cooking odors are the problem, a good lick of paint in a fashionable color will do the dual job of freshening the air and updating the look. 

According to Forbes Magazine Kitchen Trends 2016 article by Sam Ferris, soft muted tones in the kitchen and breakfast nook areas are in high demand, while vibrant, bold color palettes are rapidly being coated over.   

2. Pick n’ Mix appliances look slap n’ dash.

It is essential to look at your home from an outsider’s POV. 

If the kitchen appliances are not presenting a united front of one color it can look piecemeal and chaotic. 


This can be accomplished by either contacting the supplier for your nearest door replacement outlet, or purchasing devices for modernization and cohesion of color. 

While you are doing this, don’t neglect the counter tops too. 

Kettles, toasters, and blenders can be bought in colors that flow seamlessly into the new scheme.

3. Beautify that Bathroom

Coming a close second in importance for a current home valuation is the bathroom.

The same rules for the kitchen apply:

  • Check for any odor or dampness
  • Tiling and paintwork must be immaculate
  • Do not mix modern with old fashioned
  • Pristine and clean


Surprisingly, it can be cheaper to install a new pre-fab tub and shower unit with professional help than it would be to re-grout, re-tile and refinish a worn unit. 

Going online to cost this out is recommended. 

4. Explore dark (storage) spaces

Certain decades are notorious for designing bedrooms with little, if any, storage space. 

If your home postdates the sixties, it may have old style single swing door closets which are unacceptable in the era of walk-in shoe rooms. 

There are many national and local closet storage solution companies that can affix shelves and racks directly onto walls for a quick, easy fix.

Home Depot and are two storage specialists that can install or sell the shelving and rack kits for a DIY job. 

5. Four bedrooms beats three bedrooms + den in home value poker

In the realtor market, four bedroom houses sell for more than three-bedroom homes with a room.  

That’s a fact.

If your house is only categorized as a three-bedroom home because of the den area not having a closet, this is quickly rectified. 

A walk-in closet or separate clothing storage area can be added for around $1500. 

It is essential to have this done by well-established and recommended professionals. 

The disruption and noise will be minimal, and will pay off in spades when your house is revalued.

6. Zap those electrical faults.

Not just beneficial for resale but necessary for the safety of your family and home.

Hiring a professional to thoroughly check for any glitches and anomalies in the plumbing and electrical sections of the house is paramount. 

It cannot be emphasized enough that this is a job for certified professionals, and their credentials must be thoroughly checked out before any work or payment. 

One site that is extremely helpful when deciding for this update is

7. Keepin’ it carpeted

Carpeting is an area that every visitor and potential buyer experience up close and yet it is often an afterthought to homeowners. 


8. Let it shine

Nothing can date a house like old fashioned light fixtures and dusty, faded drapes. 

This is where the previous advice about visiting second hand and junk stores can be beneficial. 

Just replacing burnt, yellowing lamp shades with elegant ones, or even a reused chandelier can alter any room for the better. 

Make sure that the style of shade or light fitting echoes the other themes throughout the house. 

Remember to steam clean the drapes in the rooms at the same time you do the carpets. 

Any old, bent blinds are easily replaced by a quick run to the local DIY store. 

Get out the step ladder and give everything a wipe down. 

This can significantly improve the light in a room.

9. Security Sells

One of the most important aspects of a welcoming home is to feel secure and safe once inside. 

A potential buyer will notice a flimsy door lock that could be an open invite to someone to kick it in. 

This is a win-win home improvement as it will reflect in a better valuation and keep you safer as well.

A substantial door knob and knocker give a solid impression of security.  

There are so many more styles available for your own safety. 

You won’t even have to step out of the door that you want to improve if you shop online.

10. How does your garden grow?

The front yard is the first impression your visitor gets and sets the tone for the rest of the experience. 

It may be some homeowner’s dream to get stuck into the yard work every weekend. 

If this is not the case, give gardening services a chance to tackle any foundation pruning and weeding that may seem overwhelming. 

Then get quotes for local weekly maintenance, or read through your local media postings for possible interested job seekers.    


There are pot plant nursery services in certain areas that will update the seasonality of the containerized flowers in your front yard. 

For a small monthly fee, you can sign on to have fragrant potted flowers in spring, vibrantly colored blooms in summer and lush greenery adds a homely dash of nature in fall and winter.

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