How To Budget A Wedding

Are you planning for your wedding day that’s coming up soon? Or maybe you just want to know how to budget a wedding for future knowledge. Or maybe you know someone that could use some budgeting help for their wedding.

Either way, you clicked on this post because you were curious about how to budget a wedding.

Well we did some research on how to budget a wedding (and some of us are married too) and we rounded up the best tips that we found.

So stop worrying about funding your own wedding.

There are always ways to make it easier on your budget.

How to Budget a Wedding - Infographic#1

Make A List

Start by making a list. Put everything down on paper.  Think of the things you want at your wedding for you and your guests. Put down the price for everything on the list. Keep in mind your objective is managing costs. This is not about getting things in order. It’s about getting things that are cost effective front and center.

By doing this now, you get into the proper mind frame. The money you spend on your wedding is a serious matter. And not just because it’s money for the sake of money. This is a big day, and getting carried away is easy.

Don’t Get Carried Away

You will get carried away. But you don’t want to get carried away too much. It doesn’t mean you won’t have fun. It means, you won’t regret it in the end. It’s in your best interest to reread and reconsider every option you have. Just think about it. … The “carried away” part is for parties.

You need order. You need a budget for this wedding. You and your future spouse need to sit down to figure out exactly how much you can afford for this wedding. Be sure to think clearly and not emotionally. That can happen on the big day instead. Today, you want to be logical. Double checking helps.

Ask Your Parents For Help

Yes, your parents ARE here for a reason. If at all possible, don’t take on the financial strain alone. You don’t need your parents to do it all. But you can ask if they can help with anything financially.

Be strategic in handling this. That fact is, they’re your parents and your partner’s parents.

They probably have been waiting for this day like you have (sometimes they’re more excited than you). You can use this to your advantage when leveraging your needs.

Register for Bridal Gown Mailing Lists

Bridal-gown mailings offer the best rates and discounts for your wedding. The perspective you get from registering might be priceless. The newsletter will have great information you won’t find elsewhere. They’ll direct you to places that will meet your expectations.

Best of all, you have direct contact with a specialist. They can answer questions directly. They can get you solutions and at no extra cost.

Find Short Cuts

This is where you might need to challenge yourself. Take more initiative than you might have expected. The day of your wedding is your moment for sitting back and taking it easy. Don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and get involved during the preparation stage.

It can be exciting to have others listen to your orders all day.

Try to do as much as you can without help. You’ll have to pay for everything else.

Shop Around

Getting married is an exciting ordeal. Who doesn’t love a good wedding? The same excitement takes you off track. It disregards the budget you have to play with.

Don’t settle on your first option. Look around for similar deals. There are always substitutes somewhere else. Take a look at all the options you have near your city.

Allocate Your Costs

When you’re making purchases you feel are right, divide the expenses evenly. Don’t spend all your money on invitations when you need great looking itineraries for the wedding AND reception. Same goes for the cake. Avoid spending tremendous amounts on decorative food alone.

The food on everyone’s plate is important too. People remember how good the food is. Diversify your costs accordingly.

Learn to Negotiate

We’ve already set a theme for not settling on a first option. Finding value is important. There’s something more important you need though.

That’s the ability to negotiate.

If a dealer asks for $250, see if they’ll take $200 instead.

Consider finding new or young companies first. They’re called the lowest hanging fruit. These are options you can bargain with. No matter what you buy or where you buy it, remember, everything is negotiable. Lay down your own expectations from the start.

Network For Talent

It’s clear you have friends and family. Who else would you be inviting to this affair? Among them you probably have someone who’s a talented musician. Ask them for help with entertainment. Look into your network and find out if anyone knows a designer or a chef.

You may not be able to find those specific roles. But you will find options that you can probably use with a family/friends discount though. Network among them for help and talent alike. This is a great way to save money for the big day.

Consider Less Accommodations

Here’s where you remind yourself; a wedding does not make or break your marriage. You have the rest of your lives together to celebrate love. Those celebrations throughout the years mean more in the end then one day. They work as a testament to the love you’ve clearly put into practice. Don’t blow through all of your money for a “dream wedding” (Speaking of dream weddings, check out how this couple had a Star Wars themed wedding on a budget).

Consider finding accommodations with less sparkle than you initially imagined. You can always outdo yourselves year after year as love also grows.

Do you have any tips for how to budget a wedding?

Well we want to hear how you did it!

Tell us about YOUR SPECIAL DAY in the comment section.

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