Make Extra Money In Retirement

Knowing how to make extra money in retirement can benefit you after you leave the workforce. People live longer lives these days and many people find it difficult to save enough money for retirement.

We’re not telling you you’re going to have to work a full time job after you retire. But you might have to find ways to earn a few extra bucks every now and then.

Here are some easy ways to make extra money in retirement.

Mak Extra Money In Retirement - Infographic

Guest Post Or Start A Blog

After working in your  particular field for as long as you have, you have more knowledge than most people in that field. You’ve seen it all. The younger workers would kill to have that kind of knowledge.

Why not use that to your advantage?

Start a blog, or guest post in your field of expertise. And you can do this with any profession. Whether you were a lawyer.. Or a dentist.. Or an NBA referee.. You can guest post in your area of expertise.

You now possess elite knowledge from the decades of experience you have. Share your experiences with hungry professionals and teach them the things that worked for you. People will literally pay to hear what you have to say.

Start searches for blogs in your niche, and find out which ones pay. They would love to hear from you.

Invest In Stocks

Learn as much as you can about the stock market. All you need is some basic software that will show you charts and data. .

You’re not looking to become a millionaire this way.

Your goal is to cash in $100 here and there. That turns into an easy $2,000 or $3,000 monthly. In retirement, this is great way to make extra cash. But you need to take the first step to get started. Find every book you can and study. You can’t skip the research stage before you start investing.

Consider Guiding

You’re planning to retire, not train for athletic competitions. It’s best to keep your activities as light as possible. Outdoor activities like hunting, fishing and camping are popular amongst Americans.  

If being with the outdoors is something you’re passionate about, why not find a way to make money off of it.

Share your knowledge and create a business out of it.

Start guiding your favorite fishing lake. Tell people about your favorite place to see the stars at night. Take them on an adventure. Go to places in the wild only you had the courage to explore. Consider becoming an outdoor guide now that you’re free to do whatever you want with your time.

Take Your Old Job Into Retirement

Now is the time to look at how you’ll make your transition. You have special knowledge your company can always use. Keep them in mind. Devise a strategy that keeps your current ties strong and alive. Invite coworkers over for dinner.

Whatever you do, your intent is to become a necessary adviser. Help your employer see how useful you can be when you’re “gone.”

Rent Your House Out

Do you have any extra room in your house? Do you need those extra rooms unoccupied? Can you rent your entire house out? Could you make extra money by renting them out at a fair price?

Of course you can.

You can even hire a part-time manager to handle the tenants.

Even Airbnb is a great option these days. You get a chance to meet people from everywhere. The site also gives rental spaces $1,000,000 in insurance. If anything happens while hosting on Air BnB, you’re covered up to that much.

Service A Neighborhood

Start with walking dogs. Be sure to consider everyone in the neighborhood. Just because they’re younger than you, don’t withdraw the opportunity from them.

Being curious and considerate goes a long way and helps build your brand.

Soon, someone may ask what else you’re good at.

You can offer handy work, babysitting, lawn care, gardening and aide in yard sales. Offering to help with yard sales can be your initiative. The homeowner benefits from selling unused belongings, and you improve your reputation.

Everyone should know that you’re there to help. At a fair price of course.

Become a Social Tour Guide

Museums are great places to learn.

You find new experiences and people visiting from all over the world. If retirement is your personal prospect for a slower pace of things, consider being a tour guide. It’s pleasant with little stress and great people.

You’ll also get extra cash. …on time.

This is great if you love the new attractions in town.

They come yearly, monthly, weekly and even daily. Imagine being around our own history and knowing it like no one else does.

You’ll have this and will still earn. Do it as a tour guide.

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