Mint App: Manage Your Money With Ease

One of the best reviewed personal finance management tools available on the web and even on mobile is the Mint App.

Learn how this free personal budget software can help you manage your finances and improve your overall financial health. 

Free online expense trackers seem to be very helpful in budgeting and keeping track of your monthly expenses.

Mint app does more than that. 

Here are the top reasons why Mint is the best online financial tool for personal finance needs.

What Does The Mint App Do and How Does It Work?

Mint App: Manage Your Money With Ease

Free to use

Mint is a free web-based tool that can be accessed online on any device.

You can pull up details about your budget, investments, and cash flow almost anywhere.

At the same time, it is a financial tool commonly used in creating a budget and monitoring your expenses.

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Budgeting and Tracking Tool

One of the Mint App’s primary function is for budgeting and expense tracking.

It allows you to see your spending habits and saving goals in one place.

Accordingly, most of the Mint reviews available on the web talks about the platform’s impressive suggestive feature.

Of course, Mint warns you if you are not keeping up with your budget and suggests financial products that may help you save money in the long run.

Mint App Supports Several Banks Across the US and Canada

Unlike other online financial services, Mint is supported in a lot of banks in different places in the US and Canada.

It is a one-stop place where you can plug-in your bank details, investments, credit cards, retirement funds, budget tracker and other financial accounts.

Mint App Supports Several Banks Across the US and Canada | What Does Mint App Do and How Does It Works

Safe and Secure

Mint only gathers the data about the financial information you input on the service. It is also a platform where you can see all your money, assets, and liabilities. The platform shows how your money is moving and your account balances at any time.

For instance, it works like an online banking system and can be used to pay utilities. Many bill pay services are provided by Intuit Payments Inc.

Ultimately, Mint uses a read-only access to your financial accounts to show you everything about your financial health.

The system has no direct access to your money.  

In addition, it also comes with a security feature allowing you to remotely disconnect your financial software from your phone or mobile device if you lose it.

Safe and Secure | What Does Mint App Do and How Does It Works

Financial Awareness on the Go

Presently, The Mint App is available on mobile for iOS and Android users.

In fact, you can sync it with all your devices and be able to see what’s going on with your money anywhere.

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An Eye-View of Your Finances

Managing your finances up to the least important details becomes easier with Mint.

If you have two cars, you can identify which vehicle consumes the most money in a month in terms of gasoline expenses, maintenance, and repairs. Moreover, having access to a larger picture of your finances helps you in defining where you can make adjustments and improvements.

Tracking Your Credit Score

Improving your credit score actually becomes easier when you know areas in your finances that need your attention.

For instance, The Mint App has a free credit score tracking option. From here, you can see your credit score, payment transactions, credit card accounts, mortgages and more.

See Progress in Your Finances

Keeping on top of your budget can be difficult especially during the first few weeks or months of the process.

Knowing that you are improving, slowly getting out of debt, or saving for a dream vacation keeps you motivated. Seeing your actual progress helps you get further.

Furthermore, the Mint app provides you a neat overview of your money as well as financial milestones that you have achieved.

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Interested in using Mint to manage your finances? Learn the basics via this video from Kraig Mathias:

In conclusion, the Mint App is not just a simple free online expense tracker. It is a system that can help you be more involved with your cash flow and financial decisions.

Therefore, having a better understanding of these areas in your life makes your future a brighter and more financially secure one. Mint’s easy access to your finances through its mobile app is a bonus for the busy and on-the-go millennials of today.

Do you have experience in using Mint? Share your experience in our comments section!

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