How To Save Money With Kids Playing Sports

I bet most parents with kids wish they knew more about one thing: how to save money with kids playing sports.

Are your kids running around yet?

Some of you may have kids that are already playing sports.

Some of you might be looking to get your kids involved in sports soon.

Well before you spend a small fortune in recreational sports…

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Because we can tell you how to save money with your kids playing sports!

We have 10 tips listed below that can save you 100’s of dollars!

Buy Used Equipment

Buying new gear is not necessary every time your child decides they want to play a new sport.

What if they want to play basketball today and soccer tomorrow? Are you going to pay upwards of $200 for each activity?

Sometimes, in the spirit of saving, it’s better to buy used. Sporting goods stores like Play It Again Sports

usually have good selections on used gear. An exchange party, hosted by fellow parents, is another way to get old gear.

One of the easiest ways to save money with kids playing sports is by buying cheap gear (make sure it’s safe too).

Rent supplies

Renting equipment gives you the supplies you need for the game without the price tag. Leasing football pads and cleats will cost you half the price of buying them used. You save even more money when you rent instead of purchasing new equipment.

Chartering gear is the ideal choice for parents whose kids are trying out a variety of new sports. You can enroll the kids in soccer, basketball, and hockey all at once without spending too much on supplies.

Early bird specials

Some leagues give fifty percent off to parents who register their kids well ahead of the season’s start. You stand to keep upwards of $30 in your pocket by signing your child up early. The best way to take advantage of any early bird special is to communicate with your child.

Although steeply discounted, pre-registration does not always come with the guarantee of a refund. It’s important for you to make sure that your kids want to play the sport before handing over your hard-earned money.


A day at the field involves you dropping off your child and waiting for practice to end. During practice time you might read or get caught up on files from work. But you spend the majority of the time doing nothing.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get tasks done at home while your child practices? Carpooling is the best way to save time and money. You can send your little one off with a parent whose child is also in the league. But this doesn’t mean you’re off the hook and you’ll never have to drive. You’ll usually alternate driving days with the other parent(s). But you’ll save money on gas by not driving to every practice.

One sport at a time

Kids get ambitious and sometimes pick more than they can handle. As a parent, you feel obligated to pay for every sport they choose. But one easy way to save money with kids playing sports is by limiting the amount of sports they play!

Every activity that your child wants to join requires a registration fee and money for gear. And it’s your job to pay for everything. Spending $600 for summer sports is not hard when your child cannot make up his mind.

It’s important to encourage your kids to engage in one activity at a time (2 sports max). You will save bundles on fees and teach your children the importance of finishing what they start.

This is also a good time to teach your kids about money if they don’t understand why you’re limiting them. Click here to learn more!

Encourage kids to join school teams

School teams cost less than league groups and come with several other incentives. Children only need to walk to another part of the school to meet their team for practice and games. The school takes players to games that are not on campus. This means the parents save more money in this situation.

You may need to pay a small fee for equipment. But that amount is nowhere near as much as the cost of a league’s registration fee and gear.

Use hand-me-downs

Do you have an older child who has already played the sport that your younger kid now wants to join? Have you kept the uniform and gear from the first round?

Don’t be afraid to give gently used clothes and equipment to your little tyke. Make sure that he can fit in the gear and that the league approves of hand-me-downs. Gently used clothes passed down from one sibling to the next can save you hundreds of dollars. 

It may not sound pretty… But hand-me-downs can help you save money with kids playing sports.

Check with your local community center

The YMCA is the perfect place to find sports programs that are cheap. Parents can spend half the price on registration fees at community centers.

Private programs usually charge insanely high amounts to cover coaching fees and field rentals. Places like the YMCA take advantage of volunteers and aspiring athletes. Such workers want to make a difference in the community and look forward to training your child.

Ask about league discounts

Some private groups partner with insurance companies that give players discounts in registration fees. It never hurts to ask if your insurance provider is working in collaboration with the league. A simple question could save you $10 or more in fees.


Nothing says, “I’m a team player” like volunteering. Share your skills with the league’s coordinators. Tell them that you are willing to donate your time. They may reward you with steep discounts or free membership.

Well those are the tips.

Keep them in mind the next time your kids want to play four sports at the same time.

And make sure to set up a carpool routine with one or two other parents!

And there you have it!

Those are our tips for how to save money with kids playing sports.


We want to hear about the sports your kids play and any tips you can provide for our other readers.

How do you save money with kids playing sports?

Tell us how you do it in the comment section. We’re ready to hear from you!

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