Trump Doesn’t Want To Give Student Loans To These Majors

As November gets closer…

so does the 2016 Presidential Election.

And we are starting to learn more about where each candidate stands on certain issues.

Student loan debt is a pretty debated topic these days. The total amount of student loan debt in the United States is now over $1.3 trillion.

Each presidential nominee will have to have a strong stance on student loans. Especially if they want to win over Americans with thousands of dollars of student loan debt.

Student loan debt might affect Millennials more than any generation. They have too much student loan debt. And they don’t make as much money as the generations before them.

Donald Trump has a particular stance that won’t sit well with some college majors.

Trump and his campaign want to exclude certain majors from qualifying for student loans. Some examples of these are Liberal Arts majors like English, Philosophy, Political Science and fine arts majors.

The general rule of thumb for Trump’s student loan proposal is:

If you cannot get a job with the degree, then the student should not receive student loans from their school.

And also:

If the major gives the student a chance to make good money after college, then they’ll have a better shot at receiving student loans.

Liberal Arts majors don’t exactly have the greatest employment rates in the country.

But the other side of the argument is:

Liberal Arts majors can find their way into jobs that aren’t related to their degrees.

But that fact would not matter if Trump’s campaign gets their way this November.

Click here to see Hillary Clinton’s stance on student loan debt.

Trump Doesn't Want To Offer Student Loans To These Majors - Infographic

What’s your opinion on this?

Do you have one of the majors listed above and received student loans?

Are you employed with a good job?

Let’s start a friendly discussion down in the comments section.


  1. Wow! We can’t win for losing. “Go to school; get an education so you can support yourself” is what we hear from our parents; little did we know we would be enslaved to student loan debt for most of our adult lives and by the time we’re 50 and our loans are finally paid off, we can begin contributing to our 401K. Our educational system seems so backwards. The reality of it is, we work hard to exceed our parents expectations of living the “American dream” and provide for our families only to pay our whole lives for a degree to work in a field not associated with said degree and generate a mediocre income that barely pays for a family yet alone debt. AND heaven forbid we should make any more than what our company is paying as our Uncle Sam is knocking on our door to take his cut. Who is the fat cat at the top generating income from our dysfunctional educational system? Who was the “brains” behind this scam? I’ve yet to see my ROI. Can our debts be forgiven, freedom restored, and we move forward? I am a single mom without any support and would rather not have my child deal with our dysfunctional educational system.

  2. I thought conservatives were for liberal arts education? Now apparently not so. Trump wants it only as a luxury for the rich. Education as FDR said in his second bill of rights is a human right. Therefore, NO one should be denied an education because they can not afford the tuition. Education should be tuition free in the USA just like it is everywhere else in first world nations. This is completely feasible even at the tertiary level, if the department of education eliminated the student loan system and in its place turned to a voucher system from elementary to tertiary education paid for by property taxes and a financial transactions tax on the profit received from speculative investments (securities, trades, etc.). But the left rejects vouchers and school choice for elementary and secondary education AND the right rejects free college education to academically qualified students. Conclusion: They are all in it for themselves and have no concern for the common good and basic needs of the rest of America.

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