Here’s How To Use 4 Big-Time Websites To Make Extra Money

Do you have any valuables laying around the house that you can sell? Have you ever tried using any websites to make extra money?

Well if you’re entertaining the idea to use websites to make extra money.. you’re at the right place!

We took four major online stores that have millions of people selling on their platforms and did some research.

We found out the steps any ordinary person needs to take to sell items on those sites.

Clean Out Your Place

Look for things around the house, but be realistic. No one wants to buy a used pair of beat up shoes. Look for your best items that you can do without.

Do you have an iPhone 6 in great condition with no blemishes? Maybe a pair of Beats Headphones that you hardly use?

Great! You’re off to a good start.

Find out what else you can sell. Think about how much each piece is worth, and how much you think you can sell it for.

Prepare to negotiate.

In the process of selling online, you’ll have to negotiate with potential buyers. People you don’t know. Be sure that you’re comfortable with this. People often try to haggle the price down, so grow some thick skin and prepare to stand your ground.

Learn to excel in discussions and maintain your bottom line. As you begin pricing stuff, factor in shipping and handling if you can improve it.

Below are the best sites around for selling. …now that you’re ready!


Amazon’s website lets you get rid of your personal things to make extra money online.The best feature on Amazon is a program called Fulfillment by Amazon. It’s great for sellers with an impressive inventory. The program covers your customer support, shipping and sales.

You can start this program by packaging your items in a box, inform Amazon of the items in the package and then request them to pick up those packaged items. It’s that easy.

Once Amazon receives your package, they display and sell your items on Amazon’s product page. Each sale is then shipped out by Amazon. It’s important to keep in mind that there is a one dollar fee for each item. Many products also get a 15 percent referral fee and up to $1.35 in closing fees.

Keep a customer review sheet in every package that goes out. Hopefully this will get you more positive reviews on Amazon.The higher the positive feedback you have, the more appealing you look to potential customers.


The selling platform on eBay has a simple process of three easy steps. List it, ship it and get paid. Unlike the other websites, most items sell on eBay through auctions (however, there is a “buy it now” option). You’ll need to consider this when setting up your starting price. It’s important to not start the opening bid too high.

Take clear and visible pictures of whatever you list. Put together a few words to describe the item, and make it an attractive offer.

On eBay, you ship your items directly to the buyer. You can get shipping discounts by printing out the eBay labels provided to you.

Getting paid is fast and easy. All you need is a PayPal account. The shipping labels help you to get paid faster. That process shouldn’t take more than three days when you scan labels through PayPal.

Like Amazon, it’s important to maintain positive feedback with all your customers. Do yourself a favor and ask customers to review your items. Positive feedback looks good to your potential customers.


For the most part, any deals you make on Craigslist are local sales (unless the buyer chooses to drive or pay for shipping). Unlike the prior sites, sending your packages across the world will be costly through Craigslist.You can find a buyer that will cover the fees, but don’t count on it.  

You also will not have to worry about any seller fees like the other websites. Most items only get sold with cash. It is important to mention “cash only” and “no checks” in the posting.

When you have something to sell, you take the same steps necessary to promote anything on this site. To get started, click on “post to classifieds” and “for sale by owner”.Then click continue.

There are 100 categories for you to choose from regarding items you have. Now you create your post. Fill out post information in areas you see blank. Make sure you describe your items and put down your contact information very carefully. And as soon as add a photo of the item, publish your Craigslist post.

It is important to be careful with Craigslist. It is possible to fall for scams on this site.


Etsy might not be as big as the previous sites, but there are over 24 million people using This site doesn’t usually sell a collection of used goods people no longer want. Esty is accommodating to the craftsperson.

Artists of different crafts upload profiles for custom but inexpensive jewelry. Creative objects and art. You can posts handmade chairs or other original furniture. These are prospects eager to see what you have to offer.

If you do have used goods, vintage collections (items 20 years or older) sells the best on this site. Crafts supplies are also a hot seller on Etsy.

Etsy has a low transaction fee for their sellers at 3.5 percent. The website also provides services to help you grow your business, manage your accounts and promote sell-able products. So if you’re into arts and crafts, this makes Etsy a great way to make extra money selling online.

So there you have it.

If you didn’t know how to sell on those websites before… you know now!

So what are you waiting for?

Start making some money.

Make Extra $ Selling Online - Infographic

Have you already made money off of these sites?

Or do you know better sites for making extra money?

Well we want to hear about it in the comment section! See ya there!

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