This Week On Financial Wellness…

Here’s what happened on Financial Wellness this week…

1. Managing Your Personal Finances in 9 Practical Ways

Managing your personal finances can be quite difficult if you do not know where to start. Re-align your finances and personal budgeting and look forward to a financially rewarding future by reading our personal finance tips and advice… Click to read more

2. Simple Household Budget Templates & Apps to Help You Save Big

Finances can be a pain. Balancing fiscal responsibilities while maintaining a social life and finding a little extra to spoil the ones you love is the real goal most strive for. Key to that is a household budget. Managing your household budget can be challenging. It is important to determine how much you earn versus how much you spend. Here are some household budget templates and apps from CNN… Click to read more

3. Mint App: Manage Your Money With Ease

One of the best reviewed personal finance management tools available on the web, and even on mobile, is the Mint app. Learn how this free personal budget software can help you manage your finances and improve your overall financial health. Free online expense trackers seem to be very helpful in budgeting and keeping track of your monthly expenses. The Mint app does more than that. Here are the top reasons why Mint is the best online financial tool for personal finance needs… Click to read more

4. How to Pay Off Student Loans

There are many different way to pay off student loans. Ultimately knowing these student loan repayment options makes the repayment process bearable for the young millennials of today. The average student loan interest rate in the U.S. is up by 6 percent in 2016. Having the right knowledge and learning creative ways to pay off student loans is a must… Click to read more

5. 6 Common First Time Home Buyer Mistakes to Avoid

The idea of having your own place to call home is exciting. You have freedom to customize your new place any way you like. A new home is typically the start of a new chapter in your life, especially for people starting a family together. However, there are many common first time home buyer mistakes to avoid. This article covers these mistakes and helps in making your first home shopping experience a success… Click to read more

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