How To Write The Best Cover Letter To Get You An Interview

A cover letter can be a gateway to getting the job interview you are longing for. But if you go about it the wrong way you will most likely come up short. So it’s important to write the best cover letter that you can. 

The good news is…

We’ve done some research for you!

We’ve come up with tips to help you stand out to the hiring managers that read your cover letter.

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Here’s how to write the best cover letter to get you an interview.

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Don’t Rehash Your Resume

Many people make the mistake of writing a cover letter that is a paragraph duplication of their resume. But your cover letter needs to show some personality, curiosity, and interest in the job classification in question.

A good idea would be to Google the company you seeking to work for. You might be able to find interesting facts or current events about the company or competitors. Use these type of events in your cover letter.

For instance, if you’re applying for work in the field of fashion you could do some research to use in your letter. Use your research to talk about how much things have changed in the industry since the 1990s.

Address Nobody

There will be many times when you won’t know who to address in your cover letter.  Don’t address your letter to Dear Hiring Manager. It will be better to start the letter without a greeting,

Send As A .PDF File

Office computers may not all be able to read .docx or .doc files. At some companies they might have to convert these types of files. They may choose not to do this and that will be it for your cover letter. Writing your cover letter as a .PDF file is the way to go if you want your cover letter read.

What Makes You Suited For The Job

It’s a good idea to include facts and skills in your cover letter that are not in your resume. These will help show the hiring manager why you’re a good fit for the job. If the position requires you to be very meticulous you can mention that you often get ragged on for having some OCD about details.

Don’t Over Promote Yourself

Never say things like you know you’re the best person for the job.  Or you won’t find anyone more qualified. Actually, you don’t know that.  Only the hiring manager can make that assessment. Just stay focused on why you think you would excel at the job. And make sure your cover letter doesn’t come off like a TV infomercial!

Are You Overqualified?

If you know you’re overqualified for a position, and you have a reason why you’re still interested in the job, state it in your cover letter. If you don’t, the hiring manager will probably think your heart won’t be into doing the job, and they will most likely pass you over.

Write In A Conversational Tone

Sometimes cover letter writers think they should have a formal tone. But the best cover letters have a conversational and engaging tone. It’s important not to go too casual and use slang words. But try to make it an interesting read for the person going over your letter. And make sure you pay close attention to making sure your spelling and grammar are correct. One mistake can cost you an interview.

Don’t Use A Form Letter

Hiring managers will know if you’re using a “fill in the blank” type of cover letter. Make sure you tailor your letter to each individual job in a specific manner.

Say Why This Company

Your cover letter needs to sell the hiring manager on why you want to work for their company. Your letter should come off like you have a sincere desire to work for their company. The manager can tell if you’re  not exactly being truthful in your letter. Make it a point to impress the letter reader with your sincerity.

You should find a reason to mention the name of the company somewhere in your letter. You should also be able to make a convincing sales pitch about yourself, and why you would be a great fit.  Do this without going overboard in promoting yourself. Tell them what you can do for them, and the manager may want to know more about you via your resume.

Tactics Hiring Managers Love

You can impress a hiring manager by making a statement or asking a question that requires a response. For example you could ask about the tone of a recent ad you saw. Or something you saw on the company’s website that impressed you. Maybe you saw the list of clients they work with. Talk to them about it!

The goal of the job seeker should be to start a conversation instead of just throwing another resume on a pile.

An Outline For Your Letter

Introduce yourself in the first paragraph and say why you’re interested in the open position. Present yourself in an upbeat positive manner. In the right tone state why your background qualifies you for the position.  List a referral source if it’s possible.

In the second paragraph let the company know how you will be a valuable asset to the team. Tell the company how you will make a contribution to their organization from the start. You should have researched both the company and the job you’re applying for.

The third paragraph should be a call to action. Ask for an interview and state when you will follow up with the company on the cover letter.

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